Friday, July 29, 2011

New Gunpla Box-Art and News!

So first thing first, we start with one really cool MG which is the Delta Plus (August 4th, 4725 yen) :

Then we have the HG Shining Gundam (August 25th, 1575 yen) :

 then the HG Master Gundam and Fuuunsaiki (August 25th, 2730 yen) :

Giving Away My Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial Code

I have no use to play games on my PC, so I find it a good way to give away my Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial code. I've never used it and I'll give it to whoever can comment down below and give me the best reason why they deserve it, I will announce the winner in TWO days, so on the 31st. Good luck everyone and I hope whoever wins enjoys it!

Monday, July 25, 2011

More Gunpla Scans

So around this time of the month there are always new magazine scans coming out. First is that of Master Grade Sandrock (Currently in prototype phase):

Then there is the HG Jesta (Release Date for Sept. 2011, at 1600 yen)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - Gameplay

Updated Gunpla News!

With San Diego Comic Con in full swing, there is plenty new items on display, for example the Master Grade Delta Plus whose release date is: Aug 2011, Price: 4725 Yen:

Also there is the HG Master Gundam & Fuuunsaiki and Shining Gundam whose release date is August 2011 at the prices of 2730 Yen (Master) and 1575 Yen (Shining), as well as the SD Kshatriya with Loto for 1050 yen also in August:

All of these I would also like to point out is courtesy of Gundam Guy, and his amazing blog. Sadly I am not attending Comic Con and cannot inform you all first hand. :/

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some new Gunpla news!

Master Grade Sandrock Gundam was finally put in the prototype form, which is shown off in a September issue hobby magazine! He is someone I have definitely been waiting for and plan on getting in a heartbeat.

My impressions of OS X Lion

Now for the most part, I'm a Windows kind of guy. However times like these are still important to me. The last TRUE OS X is out now with their last kitty being the Lion! The approach was more of integrating the iOS and OS X together. Seems like a great idea, but in my eyes it got too simple for a desktop computer. This new operating system just seems no longer as complex but rather simplified which is worse in my own opinion as I'm not a 80 year old man. I think this in between approach should have been something the iPad could have used instead which probably would make it 10x better adding more advanced controls to a tablet of that size. So this being the last one, I'm disappointed and honestly think people should just stick with Snow Leopard instead of Lion. Just know this is simply my opinion and its still a great system to run on which I'm sure some of you will use and possibly might love in the future! I also give credit to Apple because its a hell of a lot more than I could ever make!

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Frustration

Lately I have been really bothered with the management of this game! The wait for DLC has been slow and boring, and only to find that once we got a release date, it was for the EU PSN. It turns out that Namco, who is in charge for the American release is a couple weeks behind schedule and will take longer. I did some further research to find that they aren't exactly a feedback kind of group. They have a facebook page which many go on and try to tell them advice or how much they love a game, while Namco doesn't ever respond to any one and hardly ever posts new info on games. I feel they are very undeserving of their fan-base if they can't get their act together and do things on time or even give their own fans a chance to change a game or add stuff to them. I will continue to wait for my DLC, but not with a happy face, nor respect for that company. Europe, your some lucky guys right now.

Space Shuttles, your ride is here!

So now as it breaks my heart to say this, the space shuttle program has ended. It was a great time while it lasted and definately made an impact on the world despite what people really know of it. However, I could go on and on with my love for NASA and space, but whats more intersting is how they are going to move them for displaying in museums. Its all possible with a Crawler Transporter that is like a tank on steroids! Its a massive machine with 16 traction motors powered by  four 1,341 horsepower generators, in turn driven by two 2,750 horsepower V16 engines! That is insane and pretty epic at the same time! If you need a fortress in time for any sort of conspiracy or domination plans you have, come and get this!