Friday, July 22, 2011

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Frustration

Lately I have been really bothered with the management of this game! The wait for DLC has been slow and boring, and only to find that once we got a release date, it was for the EU PSN. It turns out that Namco, who is in charge for the American release is a couple weeks behind schedule and will take longer. I did some further research to find that they aren't exactly a feedback kind of group. They have a facebook page which many go on and try to tell them advice or how much they love a game, while Namco doesn't ever respond to any one and hardly ever posts new info on games. I feel they are very undeserving of their fan-base if they can't get their act together and do things on time or even give their own fans a chance to change a game or add stuff to them. I will continue to wait for my DLC, but not with a happy face, nor respect for that company. Europe, your some lucky guys right now.

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